Drafting & Planning

Bring us your plans and ideas or even your rough sketches and we’ll work with you to professionally plan your project.

What We Offer

We commonly draw customized residential homes, garages with or without living space, and additions. We also have a large library of stock drawings that customers can come in and look through.

The following project types will not be drawn by our design department: Multi-family, Commercial, Industrial, Municipal, and Place of Business.


View a sample drawing

Initial Meeting

At the initial meeting, discuss your thoughts with a salesperson or a member of our drafting department. This will take about one to two hours. Bring any pictures, sketches or floor plan ideas you have already found. Together, we will create a rough design.

The Process

After you leave, our drafting department will translate your ideas into a computerized drawing. Within a reasonable lead time, your preliminary drawing will be presented, showing you a floor plan and elevations of all sides of the building.

Make up to two revisions at no additional charge. $50/hr after the first 2 revisions.

The Results

You will receive one preliminary drawing, two sets of revisions, a final draft, and six copies of the drawings once completed. Copies are $2/sheet after the first six sets.

Pricing Information

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