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Special Sales List

B-7 Maax Shower Door

B-100 Kabinart Vanity Package - Lancaster Ivory with Venetian Gold Granite

B-103 NEM 49.25 x 19

B-105 Banner 1906B Brushed Nickel Roman Tub Faucet

B-106 Banner 1701B Chrome Roman Tub Faucet with Lever Handles

B-108 Banner 631-B 2 Handle Washerless Tub Shower Faucet - Chrome

B-109 Banner 636-B 2 Handle Washerless Tub Shower Faucet - Brushed Nickel

B-110 Wolf 43 x 22 Bone Vanity Top Cultured Marble

B-118 Aristokraft 48 x 38 Tri-View Medicine Cabinet with Light Bar Display

B-123 Aristokraft Manchester Cherry Butterscotch Tri-view Medicine Cabinet

B-132 Formica Laminate Vanity Top Perlato Granite

B-139 Strasser Mitre-Satin Black Furniture Style Vanity Display

B-140 Schrock Noble Oak Tundra VDS36DL Vanity Display

B-144 Maax ChateauB Bone Tub Wall Kits - Closeout Sale

B-145 Maax ChateauBIS Biscuit Tub Wall Kits - Closeout Sale

B-152 Design House Montclair Medicine Cabinet Chestnut Glaze

B-153 Design House Montclair 36 x 30 Medicine Cabinet Chestnut Glaze

B-163 Drop In Round White Lavoratory Bowl

B-164 Drop In Lavoratory Oval Bone Sink

B-168 Robern Fairhaven Medicine Cabinet Mirrored Int Glass Shelves

B-169 Soap Dispenser

B-170  Toothbrush Tumblr Holder Polished Chrome

B-171 White Toothbrush Tumblr Holder

B-172  Toothbrush Tumblr Holder Chrome

B-176 Polished Chrome Soap Dish, Futura Decor Bathware, USA

B-177 Cultured Marble Vanity Top, Northeast Marble SIlverado w Integral Bowl

B-178 Chrome Recessed Wall Toilet Paper Holder, Clamp Design, Decor Bathware

B-181 Chrome Recessed Wall Toilet Paper Holder, Clamp Design, Decor Bathware

B-182 Sterling Vista Pivot Shower Door

B-184 Schrock (APC) Brookshire Maple Chocolate Drawer Base

B-185 Wolf Carra Marble 31 x 22 Vanity Top

B-188 NE Marble Vanity Top with Integral Backsplash & Integral Flush Oval Sink 30

B-189 Wilsonart Bianco Romano 4924-38 Postform Laminate Top

B-190 Palette Earthstone Vanity Top - Engineered Stone, With White Bowl

B-192 Maax Cocoon 60 x 32 Tub Only - White

B-193 Maax Palace Collection White Whirlpool Tub

B-194 Dynasty D-VB302134

B-196 Toto CST715-12 Carusoe Round Front Sedona Beige Toilet

B-198 Decorative White Mirror

B-200 Maax 105412-970-084 Polar 2-Panel Shower Door

B-201 Maax Nordica 1 PC Biscuit Tub-Shower Unit

B-203 Maax Recessed Light White

Exterior Doors

DE-380 Andersen FWH 72 x 96, White Int, White Ext

DE-385 Pella 3068 Entry Door, Half Glass, Oak Grain Fiberglass, Unfinished Interior

DE-388 Masonite 3068 6 Panel Fire Door Exterior Door

DE-389 Therma-Tru 3066 SS 5262 9 Lite DB Exterior Door

DE-390 Therma-Tru 2666 S262 9 Lite DB Exterior Door

DE-391 Therma-Tru 2868 262HD DB Exterior Door

DE-392 Andersen PSGPD 61611 R , White, 3W3H

DE-394 Therma-Tru 3068 Profiles 210HD, 20 Minute Door and Frame, Exterior Door

DE-395 Larson Storm Door, Lifestyle, White, 830-14

DE-396 Simpson 3068 Fir 7044V, Insulated Glass - Tempered, RH, 908 Casing, Exterior Door

DE-400 Therma-Tru Center Hinged French Patio Door

DE-403 Kohltech 3068 F2264 Full Lite RHOS Exterior Door

DE-405 Jeld-Wen 3068 Display Door Smooth Pro 659SLM5 Smooth Fiberglass Exterior Door

DE-406 Jeld-Wen 3068 Display Door AFC 814SD- 6 Lite Exterior Door

DE-407 Jeld-Wen 3068 Display Door DM27 Design Pro Mahogany 2 Panel Exterior Door

DE-408 Jeld-Wen 3068 Display Door DM24 Design Pro Mahogany 2 Panel Arch Top Exterior Door

DE-409 Jeld-Wen 3068 Display Door Design Pro Oak Grain Heirlooms Brass Caming Exterior Door

DE-410 Therma-Tru 2868 SS210 Smooth Fiberglass Exterior Door

DE-411 Masonite 6068 BLS122-15E-X Exterior Patio Door

DE-412 Therma-Tru CCV914 Display Door with Transom

DE-415 Larson Storm Door, 298-SS White, Self Storing Storm Door

DE-416 Therma-Tru 2868 Profiles 982HD 9 Lite over 1 Panel Exterior Door

DE-417 Andersen PS61611R White Patio Door

DE-418 Therma-Tru 3068 S296 908 Casing Exterior Door

DE-419 Marvin IIFD3068 XL Wood-Ultrex Evergreen Patio Door

DE-420 Marvin IIFD3065 XL Wood-Ultrex Evergreen Patio Door

DE-422 Masonite 3068 Barrington Mahogany Display Slab Door With Antique Black Caming

DE-426 Andersen FWH29611AL Sandtone - White Patio Door

DE-428 Jeld-Wen 3068 FL684-BL9 9 Lite Contoured GBG, Low E, With Tilt Blinds Exterior Door

DE-429 Larson Model 346-52 Black, Screen-A-Way Storm Door

DE-431 Therma-Tru 2868 SS206Insulated Glass, LHIS Exterior Door

DE-432 Therma-Tru 3068 Smooth Star S108 Clear 15 Lite Exterior Door

DE-433 Therma-Tru 6068 SS118 Center Hinged Patio Exterior Door

DE-434 Therma-Tru FC68 With Bevelline Glass Exterior Door

DE-435 Andersen Emco TDCRS32WH 32 x 80 White Storm Door

DE-437 Masonite 3068 Barrington Craftsman Oak Display Exterior Door

DE-439 Therma-Tru 3068 S206, RHIS, Exterior Door

DE-440 Andersen Emco 32 x 78 Sandtone Model 239-37 Storm Door

DE-443 Therma-Tru 3068, SS262, LHIS, Exterior Door

DE-444 Masonite 3068 BLS-404-116-1 Belleville Exterior Door

DE-445 Pella Pella 3068 Entry Door Castile Glass

DE-446 6068 S210, RHIS, Flat Casing, Double Exterior Door

DE-447 Jeld-Wen 3068 DMC-866DG-LE , Low E,  Exterior Door

DE-448 Jeld-Wen 3068 Design pro , Low E, Oak  Exterior Door

DE-451 Pella Proline PCS7281 XO Tan 15 Lite Patio Door

DE-452 Pella Proline 7281 Hinged Display Patio Door


Interior Doors

DI-2 3668 44, 4 Panel Doug Fir, No Bore, No Casing Interior Door

DI-4 3668 44, 4 Panel Doug Fir, No Bore, Right Hand, No Casing Interior Door

DI-5 Lemeiux C30 3 Panel CVG Doug Fir Interior Doors

DI-7 Masonite 2868 Moulded, 6 Panel, Hollow Core, Smooth,  Interior Door

DI-8 Masonite 2868 Moulded, 2 Panel, Square Top, Solid Core, Smooth,  Interior Door

DI-9 Jeld-Wen Arlington 2668 Moulded 6 Panel Solid Core, Smooth Interior Door

DI-10 Lemieux 2668 Shaker, RH, Single Bore, Clear Pine Interior Door

DI-11 Masonite 2466 Moulded, 2 Panel Raised, Square Top, Solid Core, Smooth,  Interior Door

DI-14 Masonite 2868 Moulded Cheyenne 2 Panel Right Hand Interior Door

DI-15 Masonite 2668 Moulded Roman 2 Panel Smooth Interior Door

DI-16 Masonite 2868 Moulded Roman 2 Panel Right Hand Interior Door

DI-17 Rogue Valley 2468 4 Panel Pine LH Interior Door

DI-18 Woodgrain Radiata 6 Panel Pine RHIS Exterior Door

DI-19 Masonite 1068 Moulded, 3 Panel, Textured, Hollow Core Interior Door

DI-20 Masonite 1668 Moulded, 2 Panel Shaker Style Interior Door

DI-21 Masonite 3066 6 Panel, Moulded, Solid Core, Smooth, Interior Door

DI-22 Masonite Hollow Core, Lauan, RH,  Interior Door

DI-24 Masonite 3068 Moulded, 4 Panel, Solid Core, Smooth  Interior Door

DI-25 Lemieux 21068 PR35S 3 Panel Interior Door

DI-26 Lemieux WP1051 6 Panel Pine Interior Door

DI-27 Lemieux WP1051 2668 6 Panel Pine RH Interior Door

DI-32 Masonite 6068 Flush, Solid Core Oak Boxed Bifold  Interior Door

DI-33 Rogue Valley 6 Panel Ponderosa Pine Boxed Bifold Interior Doors

DI-34 Masonite 2666 Saddlebrook 1 Panel V-Groove Plank Interior Door

DI-35 Masonite 3468 6 Panel Smooth, Double Interior Door

DI-36 Jeld-Wen Bristol 2068 Moulded, 6 Panel, Solid Core, Smooth, Interior Door

DI-37 Jeld-Wen Bristol 2868 Moulded, 6 Panel, Solid Core, Smooth, Interior Door

DI-38 Rogue Valley 3 Panel Pine Packaged Bifold Interior Doors

DI-40 Masonite 11068 Moulded, 6 Panel, Solid Core Interior Door

DI-41 Masonite 2868 Solid Core Birch Interior Doors

DI-42 Masonite 2668 6 Panel Interior Doors

DI-43 Masonite 2468 4 Panel Interior Doors

DI-44 Masonite 2868 4 Panel Interior Doors

DI-46 Woodgrain Nantucket 3068 LH,  No Casing Interior Door

DI-47 Masonite Moulded Solid Core, 6 Panel, Textured Interior Door


K-6 Kabinart Tall Panel

K-9 Omega Dynasty Oak Truffle Cross Grain Panels

K-11 Kabinart REP2484 Fridge Panels

K-23 Omega Artesia Alder Coffee Cross Gaain Panel

K-75 Yorktowne Refrigerator Panel

K-112 Transolid Display Double Bowl Sink KDT33226 - White

K-113 Corian Undermount Double Bowl Sink - Glacier White

K-114 Swanstone Quartz Double Bowl Bianca White Sink

K-124 Dynasty Autumn Maple Leg Turnings TUR-03-345

K-181 Kabinart Beacon Hill Cross Grain Back Panel Honeywood Cherry

K-192 Transolid KDT33228W Cambridge Kitchen Sink - White

K-193 Swanstone KSU3322 Undermount Kitchen Sinks

K-194 Swanstone KSDB3322 White Undermount Kitchen Sink

K-195 Swanstone KSDB3322 Arctic Granite Undermount Kitchen Sink

K-202 Schrock End Panel TEP1296WD Light Cherry

K-210 Masterbrand - Omega Beaded Back Panel, Clyton, Maple, Wheat

K-211 Plain & Fancy Refrigerator End Panel 24 x 24 x 90

K-214 Omega Clyton Maple Ginger Tapered Legs

K-218 Rev-A-Shelf BDC24-15LG Bread Drawer Cover - Almond

K-219 Rev-A-Shelf 8-010314-15 Waste Kit - 15 Liter Stainless Pivot Out Container

K-220 Rev-A-Shelf 4WCTM-12DM1-175 Trash Kit

K-222 Rev-A-Shelf 4KCB-18 Cutlery Drawer Kit

K-223 Rev-A-Shelf 448-BC-5C MP9 Mini Pantry Kit

K-231 Omega 24 x 84 Tall End Panels, Wyatt Maple Autumn Coffee

K-240 Kabinart Aspen White Beaded Back Panel

K-244 Omega Plymouth Pecan Natural Overlay

K-245 Merillat Masterpiece Calais Maple Hazelnut With Quartz Counters Display

K-247 Yorktowne Serenity Glacier Maple Platinum Construction With Countertop and Sink

K-253 Aristokraft PRE2384 White Refrigerator End Panel

K-254 Omega Clairmont Oak Hutch Display

K-256 Doverwoods Desk Display Cherry Bar Harbor With Red Zodiak Quartz

K-261-A Plain & Fancy Hampton Cherry Fireside  Dry Hutch with Dakota Mahogany Granite

K-261-B Plain & Fancy Kent Cherry Fireside Desk With Custom Sq

K-262 Aristokraft Avalon CC Fawn Moulding

K-263 Aristokraft Cocoa Moulding

K-269 Neptune 22 Gauge 4 Hole Sink

K-273 Kabinart Refrigerator End Panel FFREP2484

K-277 SWLCRM8 Oak Crown w Light Finish Schrock

K-278 US84 Kabinart Star Light Maple Tall End Skins

K-283 Omega Cabinets Selection Centers

K-284 Just Cabinets Jamestown Shaker White Island Cabinets Only with Back Panel

K-285 Just Cabinets Regency Beaded Shaker Pine Walls with Green Williamsburg Base

K-287 Dynasty Salona Cherry Mandarin With Coffee Glaze, Amazon Blue Granite and Bar Sink

K-288 Contractor's Choice Hammond Oak Wheat W1530 Wall Cabinet

K-289 Contractor's Choice Hammond Oak Wheat W2430 Wall Cabinet

K-290 Rev-A-Shelf 5PSP-18-CR Blind Corner Optimizer

K-291 Master Brand Foundation W3614 Wall Cabinet Chesney Birch Autumn Finish

K-292 Merrilat Natural Oak REP3296 Tall End Panel

K-293 Kabinart REP2496 Refrigerator End Panel - Aspen White

K-295 John Boos Hanging Pot Rack

K-296 Doverwoods 4 PC Cabinet Package, APC Shaker Natural Pine

K-298 Masterbrand - Wall Cabinet W2136

K-299 Masterbrand -Cove Moulding Autumn

K-300 Contractor's Choice Foundations Chesney Sarsaparilla Birch Pantry Cabinet

K-302 Master Brand Foundation W3612 Wall Cabinet Westbury Wheat

K-303 Boos Block Island Display with 2 Slotted Shelves and 3 Wicker Baskets

K-305 Candlelight Cabinetry Red Birch Cabinet Display

K-306 Brookhaven Colony Recessed Beaded Celadon Green Cabinet Display

K-307 Aristokraft MBS8 Oak Wheat Base Shoe Moulding

K-308 Dynasty B15ROTSR Plainfield Cherry Natural Base Cabinet

K-310 Dynasty DB15-3 Plainfield Cherry Natural Drawer Base Cabinet

K-311 Dynasty W3036BD Wall Cabinet Cherry Natural

K-312 Masterbrand Shaker Crown Moulding SHKRCRM8

K-313 Schrock 30 x 12 Wall Cabinet, Stratford Oak Cathedral Light Oak With Cup Hinges

K-314 Schrock 12 x 48 Tall End Panel Light Oak

K-315 Merillat Spring Valley Square 3 Drawer Base Oak Cider

K-316 Kabinart Arts & Crafts Espresso Cherry Wall Corner Cabinet with Lazy Susan

K-317 Dynasty Galloway Cherry - Sable Coffee Island Set Display

K-319 24 Inch White Used Built in Dishwasher

K-323 Surface Creations Graphite Polished Granite Countertops

K-324 Merillat Set of 5 Roll out Trays

K-325 Aristokraft Diagonal Corner Roto DCR2430

K-328 Kabinart 36 Apron Front Sink Base

K-330 Moen M4905 Bar Faucet & Drain Chrome Finish - 1608802


W-94 Andersen Conversion Kits

W-349 Andersen ACW1830L Terratone - Walnut Casement

W-385 Andersen TW3062-2 Mullion, White Exterior, Prefinished Interior

W-421 Andersen DH210410 Combination Units

W-436 Marvin Stationary Awning CN4054 Evergreen, Pine, Low E Argon Window

W-437 Marvin Stationary Awning CN4054 Evergreen, Pine, Low E Argon, With Screen & HDWRE Window

W-447 Waterville Window Katahdin Double Hung DH3250-2 Mullion White GBG Window

W-503 Marvin Integrity ICA3343LH White Ex Pine Int

W-504 Certainteed New Bridge II, 72x72, Sliding Window

W-510 Andersen ADH3240 Canvas Ext, Primed Int, HP4, FDL, Full Screen

W-511 Andersen P5060 Fixed Picture Unit, Dark Bronze Ext

W-512 Certainteed Devon II Beige Double Sliding Window

W-513 Marvin 45 Degree Angle Bay CN2456L - CN5656PIC - CN2456R Window

W-514 Marvin Double Hung Picture Unit, Ebony Clad Exterior, Primed Interior Window

W-515 Marvin Integrity IFGL4050 White, Low E, Window

W-516 Pella Pentagon - Brown Ext

W-517 Pella Trapezoid Hartford Green Exterior, Unfinished Interior Windows

W-518 Pella Trapezoid Hartford Green Exterior, Unfinished Interior Windows

W-519 Pella Proline DH PTD3335 Hartford Green Ext

W-520 Pella Proline RH Casement PC2535 Hartford Green Ext

W-523 Certainteed Single Hung, Low E, Argon, Windows

W-525 Jeld Wen Builders Vinyl, White, 38 x 58 Low E, GBG, Contoured Grids With Full Screen

W-527 MI-No Fin and J-Channel, IG Clear SH Window

W-528 MI-9660 Vinyl Awning, IG Clear Almond Window

W-529 MI-Fixed Triple Casement, GBG Low E White

W-530 Pella 250 Series White Vinyl Sliding Window

W-532 Pella Display DH2953 White Window

W-533 Pella Display PC2  2953 Casement - Brown Window

W-535 Kohltech White Low E Window with J-Channel

W-537 Certainteed Devon White Double Hung Window

W-538 Huttig All PVC Door Transom Window

W-540 Andersen TW30310 White Ext

W-541 Andersen Flex Frame 73 x 13 White Picture Windows

W-542 Andersen 244DH3046 White Double Hung Window

W-543 Lockheed Nucon DH White, Low E With Grids Window

W-544 Brosco 8 x 13 SSB DH With Red Cedar Sill and Casing - Window

W-546 MI-3580 Series Single Slider White 33 x 14

W-548 Certainteed Bryn Mawr DH White Ext

W-549 Certainteed Bryn Mawr III DH White  With GBG Window

W-550 Certainteed Devon Sliding Window

W-551 Certainteed Devon Double Hung White Replacement Window

W-552 Certainteed Bryn Mawr III DH White Replacement Windows

W-553 Certainteed White Hopper Window

W-554 Andersen TW210410 White, HP, Low E, Obscure Glass Window Unit

W-555 Andersen Flex Frame Rectangular Picture Window

W-556 MI Model 9555 Double Hung White Window

W-558 Andersen A21 Fixed Awning Windows

W-559 Andersen CN135 White Sash Only

W-560 Andersen CR13 White Sash Only

W-561 Andersen C135 White Sash Only

W-562 Pella Proline Casements, Brown Ext, Clear Pine Interior Windows

W-563 Andersen TW21052 White Ext

W-564 Pella 3359 Upper Sash Only, Hartfort Green Exterior, Pine Interior

W-565 KohlTech Fixed Casement Insert Window

W-566 Andersen CN235LR White Casement Window

W-567 Andersen Trapezoid T2 White HP Unit Window

W-568 Andersen Trapezoid T1 White HP Unit Window

W-569 Andersen Trapezoid T2 White HP Unit Window

W-570 Andersen Trapezoid T1 White HP Unit Window

W-571 KohlTech Select DH, GBG, Low E Window

W-572 Certainteed Casement Window

W-573 Andersen AR221(VV)

W-575 Pella Vinyl Mullion Triple Double Hung Window

 W-577 Pella Proline DH, PTDWEAS2953 White Display Window

 W-578 Pella 850 Series DH 2952 With Transom, Hartford Green Display Window

W-579 Pella 450 Series Casement PC2 2953 Brown Display Window

W-580 Marvin DH With Arch Transom Top Evergreen Display Window

W-581 Pella PTD3365 White, Low E, Argon With Nail Fin Double Hung Window

W-582 MI 3580 Series Slider Basement 32 x 13

W-583 Marvin CN2424 Double Hung Low E - Argon Window