Machine Pre-Staining Service

Save time using our machine pre-staining service for Cabot, Benjamin Moore, and Duckback oil stains.

Our one coat machine application is a process that assures a longer-lasting and higher quality job than traditional “on-site” applications. Proper spread rates are maintained for maximum coverage and protection until finish coat is applied.

• Pre-stained siding is protected from damage by weather
• Saves time and labor costs
• No costly scheduling, weather or seasonal delays
• No overspray, dripping, splattering or clean-up problems
• The job site is neat and the project looks finished immediately
• No color variation, lap marks, shrink lines, streaking, or dirt pick-up

The product is brushed deep into the surface for maximum penetration and is allowed to dry thoroughly prior to leaving our facility. The pre-stained siding arrives at the construction site protected from exposure to water and sunlight.

Natural wood is fed into the machine applicator and brushed with a coating.
Pressure rollers spread the coating evenly.

High speed brushes drive the finish into the wood for maximum protection.
Proper spread rates and uniform color coverage provide a beautiful coating.

Choose from our wide selection of stock and special-order siding options:

Clapboard bevel siding, pine and cedar
Vertical shiplap and V-match siding
Horizontal lap siding
T1-11 plywood siding
Trim board to complete your project

Ask a salesperson about our finish options of semi-transparent, solid oil coated 3-sides or 4-sides