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Free Helpful Apps for Builders

Free Helpful Apps for Builders! Hammond Lumber is always looking for innovative ways to help growing builders be more prepared and organized in the industry. Apps can sometimes be just as helpful to your business as the tools you bring to the jobsite, they have become part of the tool kit mix! Build up your tool kit by downloading these apps on the App Store or Google Play! Weyerhaeuser – Trus Joist Mobile Document Library Are you on a job site and need to review an installation guide for Trus Joist beams, columns or headers?

7 Innovative Ways to Add Windows into Home Remodels

It helps a living space feel more expansive and can also improve the mood of the occupants. Adding windows or patio doors into a home can be more than just filling a rectangular space with a piece of glass. Check out these 7 innovative ways to add windows and patio doors into your next home remodeling project: 1. Clerestory or stacking windows Placing windows above eye level helps diffuse light entering the room and maintains privacy.