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Free Helpful Apps for Builders

Free Helpful Apps for Builders! Hammond Lumber is always looking for innovative ways to help growing builders be more prepared and organized in the industry. Apps can sometimes be just as helpful to your business as the tools you bring to the jobsite, they have become part of the tool kit mix! Build up your tool kit by downloading these apps on the App Store or Google Play! Weyerhaeuser – Trus Joist Mobile Document Library Are you on a job site and need to review an installation guide for Trus Joist beams, columns or headers?

Wood Ethic

In 1953 Clifton “Skip” Hammond was a bootstrapping entrepreneur who spent fair-weather days cutting down pine trees and foul-weather days milling the logs into lumber at a diesel-powered sawmill on Route 27 in Belgrade.

Increasing Deck Safety

Any deck owner will tell you that their deck is more than just some extra square footage outside it's an extension of their living space. Decks can turn into a functional outdoor workspace or become a spot for entertaining and spending time with the family. So, just like your home, you want your deck to be safe as possible.

Deck Maintenance & Upkeep

Whether you have a new deck or had it for years, cleaning and maintenance are probably at the top of your to-do list. Constant exposure to the sun and weathering from the elements over the years can wreak havoc on the color and integrity of your deck. To keep your deck looking its best you will need to give it a little TLC!

Guide to Buying Better Lumber

The biggest factor in determining the type and quality of wood that you’ll use for your next project is the project itself. That’s because certain varieties of wood are best suited for certain projects. For example, a hardwood with a closed grain such as maple would be an excellent choice for a butcher block, rather than soft porous wood such as pine.