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Make Sure to Avoid These Seven Scary Scenarios When Remodeling

Remodeling can be a long, stressful, tiring process, but it doesn’t need to be a dangerous one. You can prevent construction crises with these seven steps. 1. Know your utility lines – Some of the worst catastrophes come about when people mistakenly drill into utility lines. An easy solution to this is calling 811 a few days you before you start working—the operator will notify utility companies who will send you info of any gas, electrical or water lines. 2.

Hey Paint Pros, Lets Resist Scuff Marks with SCUFF-X!

We are sponsoring 3 Coffee & Learn Live Demo events, for paint professionals to experience the difference with their own eyes and ask questions. Events will be hosted by our Coatings Specialist, Jamie Dexter along with our Benjamin Moore rep Ben Cotsifas. Also learn more about the Paint Pro Program Hammond Lumber. Event drop in times are from 8-9am at the following stores during these dates:  Damariscotta, Nov.

Wood and Paint Adhesion

Whether the home is new construction or purchased from a previous owner, painting its exterior is the first step toward making it your home. Likewise, if you’re looking to sell the house, an attractive exterior paint job goes a long way toward creating “curb appeal.

Choosing Caulks and Sealants

When choosing the right caulk and sealants for your next job, it’s important to take into account a product’s specific qualities: flexibility, adhesion, paintability and service life. Selecting the wrong product for the application can cost you in production time and callbacks.