Crane Certification

Eight of our Boom Drivers and prospective Boom Drivers have recently completed Crane Certification Class with Cranes 101 from Bellington, Mass.

All eight employees underwent two days of classroom training with the Cranes 101 instructor. After completing classroom training, they successfully took the Crane Certification written test, scoring at least 89 out of 100. Essential topics covered in training and testing included crane rigging, load rigging, inspection parameters, hand signals, load charts, crane setup, pick calculating weight/mass, and crane securement.

“I am proud to know they will be representing Hammond Lumber Company with the skills I have seen within these past two days and prior to that,” says Bruce Pelletier, Hammond Lumber Company’s Vice President of Safety and Risk Management.

After this classroom work and testing, each participant was asked to demonstrate their ability to handle the boom trucks from the seat using the stick controls and separately by using the remote.

Our eight employees will now return to their respective branches to strengthen our talented group of core drivers. Hammond Lumber Company has invested in its employees’ professional development and growth, and we are always proud to add to our Boom Drivers operation!

With pride, Pelletier added, “We are very pleased with the results that our Boom Drivers have accomplished. We have a very strong team of drivers who enable us to continue providing safe and excellent customer service across the state of Maine & New Hampshire.”

Here is our newest group of Certified Boom Drivers:

AUBURN: Tyler Grady

BELGRADE: Keith Howard and Issiah Tibbetts

FAIRFIELD: Ron Bouchard

MACHIAS: Daniel Ronga

ROCHESTER: Brandan Blackey and Richard Owens