DELTA®-FL subflooring is a dimpled, heavy-duty, gray plastic membrane for concrete and slab-on-grade floors that helps to keep moisture out of your basement. The lightweight product comes in two different roll sizes. It is fast and easy enough for the average homeowner to install!

In a conventional basement, dry air in the living space acts as a “magnet” for water vapor migrating up through the concrete. The air gap created by DELTA®-FL allows the water vapor pressure above and below the concrete slab to equalize while preventing the moisture from migrating further inwards. The membrane also provides a thermal break, which increases the comfort in your basement and makes the floor feel warmer.

DELTA®-FL Benefits

  • Provides a reliable capillary break and vapor barrier, ensuring a dry, livable basement
  • Minimal reduction in headroom (8 mm)
  • Laminate floors can be directly laid on top of the membrane
  • DELTA®-FL topped with plywood sheets will allow a variety of floor coverings to be installed: carpeting with underlay, vinyl flooring, hardwood flooring
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