HeartSaver First Aid, AED and CPR Training

In January, 33 of our employees from 13 branches completed a successful certification training on HeartSaver First Aid, AED, and CPR.

The full day training, led by Delta Ambulance, encompassed everything from administering epinephrine, putting on a simple band-aid to applying a tourniquet, from tending to a broken bone to helping a victim with a stroke or heart ailment.  This training, conducted in-house since 2018, also reviewed the use of an AED and performing CPR.

All 33 volunteers will receive a course completion card, valid for two years.

Here is our newly trained first responder group:

AUBURN: Rick Doustou, Scott Olsen

BANGOR: Wanda Drummond, Jim Poland

BELFAST: Jeanine Tucker

BELGRADE: Mark Day, Matt Mitchell, David Nichols, Darrell Wright, Jeff Stevens, Harold Buzzell, Gary Foss, Mike Harnden, Percy Carey, Patrick Magurn.

BOOTHBAY HARBOR: John Long, Derek Avery, Robert Genthner

BRUNSWICK: Bill Krause, Jason Gagnon, Rebecca Foss

CAMDEN: Tim Sternberg


FAIRFIELD: Deon Bennett, Christopher Brown, Dan Doray

FARMINGTON: Jeff Rackliff

PORTLAND: Doug Bear, Joe Melanson

ROCHESTER: Josh Lassonde

SKOWHEGAN: Shawn Enright, Steve St. Pierre, Joe Dufour