Leave the Heavy lifting to us Hammond Lumber ShoreMaster

Leave The Heavy Lifting To Us


Here at Hammond, we want you to spend more time enjoying your boat and less time worrying about getting it in the water. Getting your boat out of the water to clean, perform maintenance, or safety inspections can be a nuisance. That’s why you need a ShoreMaster boat lift, not only does a lift make it easier to inspect and clean your boat or watercraft it protects from added damage by storing it just above the water. No matter the size of your boat ShoreMaster has a lift to fit! Check out the new ShoreMaster Catalog!

Types of Lifts


Vertical Lift

The Vertical lift can accommodate any style of boat or pontoon. Featuring a double v-side design that provides safe and user-friendly access to either side of your boat. The lift is designed to work in shallow or deep water conditions with screw legs to provide easy height adjustment when dealing with fluctuating water levels. The Whisper Winch offers quiet operation and incredible reliability. This lift is also available in a design to fit your PWC with a weight capacity of 1,200 lbs.

Pontoon Lift

ShoreMaster designed their Pontoon lift to flawlessly fit today’s larger and more powerful pontoon boats. The wider lift base provides superior protection for any pontoon boat. Pontoon guide rails offer even weight distribution and non-marrying protection. This lift can be paired with ShoreMaster’s adjustable pontoon racks to provide a stable surface for pontoons to rest on.

Hydraulic Lift

The main benefit of the hydraulic powered system is its speed and sheer power or capacity. ShoreMaster’s hydraulic lifts feature the latest technology and are powerful, fast and user-friendly. With push-button operation, the premium hydraulic pump is designed for simple and reliable operation and is housed in a stylish fiberglass box. These lifts work great if you have a firm or slightly soft lake bottom in moderately shallow to deep water. The lifts rack beams can accommodate bunks, guides, and other accessories to fit any watercraft!

Heavy Capacity Lift

The Heavy Duty vertical lift works in shallow, deep, and fluctuating water conditions. The lightweight aluminum frames welded construction provides a maintenance-free lift with greater strength and durability. With a weight capacity ranging from 5,000 – 7,000 lbs this lift is sure to secure your boat and make your life a lot easier!

Power Units

Nothing will make your life easier than a boat lift power unit! The Lift Mate is an easy to install power unit that fits almost any lift. You can easily install it with hand tools to upgrade your lift. Simply push the toggle switch to raise or lower your boat without breaking a sweat!

If you are looking for something a little fancier than The ShoreMaster Lift Boss is a great option. With an easy 20 minute installation that will offer you quick and easy use of your lift season after season. You can choose from a turnkey or wireless remote operation with each of their 24V and 110V models. Want to be more energy efficient? The Lift Boss solar panel accessories allows you to charge your boat lift using the power of the sun!

If you’re ready to treat your boat and yourself to a ShoreMaster boatlift let the experts at Hammond Lumber help! Stop in and talk to our expert salespeople about any of your dock needs or fill out an information request form and we’ll answer any of your questions.