2020 Spring Deals & Discounts on ShoreMaster

Valid Through: April 22, 2020

Offered By: All Branch Locations

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30% OFF Homecrest Standard Furniture Packages

Cantilever Boat Lifts (4,000 LB Lift Capacity) for $4299.00

40% Off Retail Price Of Any Canopy Cover

Save $50 Off Each Dock Section.

10% Off Any ShoreMaster Boat Lifts (Excluding the Cantilever Boat Lifts)

40% Off Any Lift Boss Boat Lift Monitor

10% off all ShoreMaster boat lifts promotion and cantilever
promotion is limited to Hammond Lumber Company’s in stock
inventory only. All other promotions listed are limited to
ShoreMasters in stock product availability.
See salesperson for more details.

$50.00 OFF 4’x1 0′, 4’x12′, 6’x8′ section of Infinity RS4, 4’x8′
and 4’x16′ Infinity RS7, 3’x10′, 4’x1 0′, 5’x10′ and 6’x8′
PolyDock, 4’x8′ 4’x16’TS9 Floating Dock, and Swim Rafts!

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