Eastern White Pine Sawmill

We stay close to our sources and close to the people and businesses we support by getting our pine from areas within a 60-mile radius of our mill in Belgrade. We work hard to develop new equipment, processes and services that keep us at the forefront of the building materials industry. While we carry a full line of forest products, we're particularly proud of our leadership position in Eastern White Pine. Its strength and versatility make it universally recognized as the pine of choice for construction and interior purposes.

Inside our mill, you'll find a de-barker, a chipper, two circular sawmills with band re-saw, a planer mill, kilns and a bark processor. All of that equipment helps us to produce pine boards, paneling, bevel siding, log siding, decking, timber, exposed beams, and the machined pine logs that go into our Maine Pine Log Homes .

All in all, we currently saw more than 6,500,000 board feet each year. And we do it safely: Since 1985 we've had a Safety Committee that oversees our entire operation.

As a Maine industry, we're committed to making the most out of our Maine resources. Accordingly, we utilize the entire log. What doesn't go out the door as boards is converted into processed bark, sawdust, and shavings for sale throughout New England.

Our Sawmill Products

Pine & Hemlock Manufactured Wood Products

About 80% of our forest products end up in the pine bins at our retail stores. The rest is sold via wholesale distribution; Wholesale pine is bought and sold by Don Hammond. Our products include:

  • Siding - Log siding, Wavy or live edge siding, Shiplap, Clapboard, Board and Batten, Novelty, and V-Match, Channel Rustic, Bevel and Belgrade.
  • Decking
  • Sheathing - Superboards, supersheathing, and industrial grade sheathing.
  • Paneling - Edge & Center Bead, Picwic, and V-Match.
  • Hemlock Beams - Can be custom quoted and milled. Some sizes are in stock.
  • Rough Lumber - Can be custom quoted and milled. Some sizes are in stock.


We are proud to offer a variety of bi-products including sawdust, shavings, wood ends, short boards, and bark mulch. Interested in purchasing some of these products? Please email Wayne Sylvester for more information or give him a call at 207-495-1197 .

Rounded White Pine Planed Logs

Add a distinct look to your next project! We offer our rounded white pine planed logs in 5 different sizes.

View an Example

Pine & Hemlock Sale List

Please talk with a salesperson about discounted packs of pine & hemlock.

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