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What Countertop Should You Choose For Your Kitchen?


Every homeowner dreams of the perfect countertop material that doesn’t stain or take an arsenal of tools to keep clean and looking nice. While that material may not be a reality just yet there are many on the market today that can keep up with the busiest and messiest kitchens with minimal upkeep!



Granite Countertop Hammond Lumber Company

Granite countertops have become a staple in kitchens and the trend doesn’t seem to be fading anytime soon. With so many homeowners using granite for countertops, tables, and even floors it’s easy to get caught up in the hype, but is granite really the best choice for your kitchen? Granite is extremely durable and unless you plan to use a sledgehammer instead of a knife to cut watermelon you won’t damage this surface. With this durability comes resistance to cracking, scratching, chipping, and even heat from pots and pans! Using natural stone for your countertops also has the added bonus of being completely unique no two slabs will be the same! It comes in a variety of colors and can be polished or honed depending on if you want a glossy or matte finish. Even though granite countertops are extremely durable they are not maintenance free. Acidic foods like citrus juice and household cleaners can stain granite countertops so you must seal them! The best benefit of all is that granite countertops can increase the value of your home making them a worthy investment.



Wood Countertop Hammond Lumber Company

When most people think of wood countertops they immediately think butcher block and while it is a popular choice it’s not the only name in the game. Counters can be made from maple, walnut and even exotic species like zebra wood. No matter what type of wood you decide to go with wood countertops will immediately give your kitchen a warm natural glow. They are great for busy households because they will absorb noise! One of the best reasons to go with wood countertops is that if they get stained, scratched, or gouged you can just sand and refinish. However, they are not indestructible and do require some upkeep. To keep the countertops sanitary and stain free they need to be sealed properly and frequently. Wood countertops can also warp and gap if not installed and maintained properly this is where having a thicker counter gives added stability.



Steel Countertop in Kitchen Hammond Lumber Company

Stainless steel countertops have been a favorite of professional chefs and industrial kitchens worldwide for many years. This is due to the ease of cleanup that allows for extremely hygienic conditions. It is also very resistant to heat so hot pots and pans aren’t a problem. This is a great option for kitchens with messy cooks or little helpers because stains wipe right off! Another benefit homeowners love is that their countertops match their stainless steel appliances! They can scratch easily though and after a year or two of heavy use, you might want to buff scratches out to keep them looking new.


Solid Surface

Solid Surface Countertop in kitchen Hammond Lumber Company

If you’re new to the countertop market solid surface might sound like a no-brainer because of course, you want your countertop to be solid! Solid surface gets its namesake because it’s one solid material through and through, the bottom layer and the top layer have the same composition. Most solid surface countertops are comprised of 100% acrylic, 100% polyester, or a mixture of both. This construction creates an extremely durable countertop that has a low porosity allowing for easy cleanup and sanitary conditions. These countertops require no sealing to resist stains and scratches and dings can be sanded or buffed out. They also come in numerous colors that can mimic marble or granite without any of the maintenance!


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