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Dear friends of Hammond Lumber Company,

On behalf of the Hammond family, we want to share some very exciting news. As part of our continued growth, we have acquired EBS Building Supplies and their 10 coastal locations.

Both companies feel it comes at the right time and is a win-win. At Hammond Lumber Company, we continue to grow and were recently named the top Maine company in sales on the Pro sales Top 100 List, ranked 36th in the country; EBS Building Supplies was also on the list ranked 80th.

An important part of the announcement is to reassure our customers that all our locations and employees will continue to embody the core value that has made the two companies so successful; extraordinary customer service. At Hammond Lumber Company, that type of service has made us who we are today, going back to when my grandparents, Skip and Verna, first started the business in 1953 and when Don, my father, opened the first retail store in 1967. For EBS Building Supplies, customer service has always been their cornerstone and made them such a strong company dating back to when Austin Goodyear acquired EBS Building Supplies in 1970.
As a customer, this means that whether you’ve done business with Hammond Lumber Company or EBS Building Supplies, the service is sure to remain the same. In fact, you’ll benefit from the efficiencies and product offerings that this combination will offer.

From a business perspective, this will be a transformative acquisition for our company, but we want you to know we plan to keep it business as usual. We also recognize there will undoubtedly be questions, which is why as part of our planning process we have answered some of the frequently asked questions on our website at www.hammondlumber.com/customer-FAQ. This web page is designed to help with any questions you might have now or in the days ahead. As always, we also welcome your questions or comments by emailing [email protected].

On behalf of our more than 800 employees at a total of 21 locations across Maine, we are very grateful for your business and look forward to continuing to build our relationship together.



Hammond Lumber Company EBS 21 Locations

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Hammond Lumber Company Customer FAQ


EBS is open on Saturday afternoons and Sundays, will the Hammond stores hours change?

The 11 current Hammond locations will operate their current hours Monday – Friday 7 a.m. – 5 p.m. and Saturdays, 8 a.m. – 12 p.m. For the 10 Hammond-EBS locations, the hours will remain the same at each location. The hours for each location are listed below.

Bar Harbor
Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–2

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–4

Blue Hill
Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–2

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–2

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–1

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–4

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–1

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–2

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–1

Monday – Friday: 6:30–5:30, Saturday: 7–4, Sunday: 8–4


EBS has a retail hardware-oriented focus, will this change?

The 10 new Hammond-EBS Building Supplies locations will continue to operate business as usual with a retail hardware-oriented focus with employees who have the knowledge and experience to provide excellent customer service, a major similarity for the two companies.

EBS Building Supplies and their employees have a long history and heritage of serving their customers with a wide variety of products, similar to a traditional local hardware store. Hammond Lumber Company is very mindful of that and respects the company’s 48-year history of serving their customers’ needs so their product offerings will stay the same.

For Hammond Lumber Company, it will be business as usual, with the Hammond locations continuing to operate with a pro-oriented hardware focus.

If I have an account at EBS, do I need to fill out a new Hammond credit application?

There will be no immediate change with the EBS credit process. You do not need to fill out a new Hammond credit application and your credit status at EBS will remain the same.

Will there be any Hammond store closings?

As part of the acquisition, and after careful consideration, we will be closing our two smallest operations, located in Pemaquid and Wilton. The Pemaquid branch, and its three employees, will be consolidated into our Damariscotta store, and the Wilton branch, with its four employees, into our Farmington store. This decision was made as part of our company’s long-term growth strategy, which will enable us to pursue an even stronger business model.

Who can I contact with other questions about the acquisition?

Customers can contact Mike Hammond, President, at [email protected] or
(207) 495-1116 or Fred Perkins, Sales Manager at Hammond Lumber Company, at fperkins@ hammondlumber.com or (207) 495-1178.

Media should contact Greg Glynn at Marshall Communications at (207) 623-4177.