Decks, Porches, & Patios

Setting the Standard for Excellence in Showrooms

Hammond Lumber Company has recently been recognized, by HBS Dealer, as a leader in the industry for our outstanding showrooms. Our commitment to exceptional customer service and innovative designs sets us apart, catering to both professionals, homeowners and, DIY enthusiasts. Our showrooms are more than just displays; they’re interactive spaces designed to inspire creativity and […]

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Can I afford a deck Hammond Lumber

Can I Afford a Deck?

Can I afford a deck? Now that you know you want a deck the next question you ask yourself is, can I afford it? Building a deck will give you added living and entertaining space whether you use it for parties, as a family room, grilling station or an outside dining room the added value […]

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Building Your Dream Deck

Building Your Dream Deck As the days get longer and temperatures rise you may find yourself daydreaming at work about relaxing on your deck reading a book or enjoying a cookout with family and friends. If you don’t have a deck now is the time to build one to make your dreams a reality! At […]

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Making your deck safer and stylish Hammond Lumber

Make Your Deck Safer and Stylish!

  Any deck owner will tell you that their deck is more than just some extra square footage outside it’s an extension of their living space. Decks can turn into a functional outdoor workspace or become a spot for entertaining and spending time with the family. So, just like your home, you want your deck […]

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Give Your Deck TLC Hammond lumber Company

Give Your Deck A little TLC!

Whether you have a new deck or had it for years, cleaning and maintenance are probably at the top of your to-do list. Constant exposure to the sun and weathering from the elements over the years can wreak havoc on the color and integrity of your deck. To keep your deck looking its best you […]

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